Armanobilling our expert medical billing staff is your team, our dedicated staff work as your team member. So thereforeKeep you relax by taking up your revenue management.Every member of your team doctors, nurses, front-desk staff and technical staff all serve a purpose to provide extreme quality care for your clients with peace of mind. The purpose is to work as team member to enhance quality care and better services.

As hospital leaders, private practitioner, healthcare system or an organization you have a team of professionals who ensure that your patients must be served by the facility with dignity from the moment the patient walk in and till they leave, we will be part of that team.

Your growth is our growth so you are our top priority. As a good team every member play its role for continue improvement of organization. Armano billing will nurture your revenue cycle management just like an effective team member. Armano (Medical) Billing guarantees  and assure you the highest level of tending to your revenue cycle management services.

Medical Billing Services

We offer complete medical billing services/solution which significantly includes but not limited to the following:-

Medical Billing and Coding

Proper medical billing and coding is key to successful reimbursements. Even a small mistake can lead to delay in payments. Armano(Medical) Billing has a well-trained and dedicated team for billing and coding. Our experts are responsible to ensure billing and coding process through proper channel.

Accounts Receivable Management

Armano(Medical) Billing aggressively manages your practice’s accounts receivable by pinpointing any outstanding payments that the provider or healthcare facility should be expected to receive, then pursues the patient or payor for the unpaid balance. We post payments in a timely manner to ensure an optimal billing process.

Credentialing & Contracting

Credentialing and contracting are the foundation of starting a healthcare facility. They also place the base for your alliances with insurance companies and also with patients. RMB will hold negotiations on contracts with insurance payers and make sure that your contracts are aligned with recent times so you can achieve the highest recurring rates.

Out-of-Network Negotiation

Right Medical Billing bargains out-of-network claims strictly with pricing marketers such as Multiplan, Zelis, Viant, and GCS. Our negotiation and settlement personals command over their work. Out-of-network billing is the sensitive facet of billing, and we are well reputed experts of this domain.

Eligibility and Benefits Verification

Eligibility and insurance benefits verification are critical to gain relevant information about insurance coverage and recurrence. Healthcare facilities require to validate each patient’s potential and benefits to ensure that they will receive payment for services rendered. Consider us a member of your team in this process.

Complete RCM Services

Right Medical Billing presents you complete revenue cycle management, initiating from the time your patient walks in until the he pays you for your services. We are here to handle and inform your staff on compliance, work alignment, and enhancing productivity. Consider us as a part of your team.

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